The Chief Evolutionist...

No stranger to the public eye, Laura developed a love for public speaking at an early age as a speech competitor in the early 1990's. Laura graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelors Degree in Communications. After graduation, Laura joined the ranks of the corporate world while simultaneously serving as a military spouse. Laura utilized her 18-years of corporate America and public service expertise in developmental operations, team building and leadership to tailor a unique one of a kind client experience to advance her clients' growth and development.

The goal for Laura's clients is to leave each person more self-aware, self-loving and more fulfilled. Laura uses her over 20 years of communication experience to foster habit changes: Laura believes a client's habits determines their health, relationships and everything in between. Achieving the set goals, enables clients to not only give a more complete and confident version of themselves to others; it also encourages the client to live out their purpose according to their truth.

Laura's passion to help others become the best version of themselves started after years of working as a law enforcement officer. While serving in the community, she witnessed the best and sometimes worst of people. This drove Laura to share her personal journey: how she overcame a catastrophic injury which abruptly ended her pending United States Army commission, her undeniable fortitude to leave an unfavorable marriage and subsequent strength to start over. As a result of her own trails, she found it was impossible to be all things to all people, without first pouring into yourself. Because of those first hand personal experiences, Laura forged an environment where she could encourage and inspire individuals to create and share their truth. She secured a safe place for clients to appreciate the importance of separating from their past, being aware of their present opportunities and accepting the reality of their inner power.

As an inspiring advocate, Laura chooses to be among the few that walk the talk. Laura has ingeniously framed what is now one of the most sought after coaching businesses in the San Antonio area. So, I challenge you to walk the walk along side Laura and create YOUR truth.