Frequently Asked Questions


Where does training take place?

  • Truth Evolution (aka HeadStrong Sports Performance) is partnered with HeadStrong CrossFit located at 1502 Talley Road, San Antonio, TX.

What days and times are training sessions offered?

  • HeadStrong Sports Performance offers training sessions 5 days per week.
    Monday - Thursday at 7:00 pm
    Saturday at 10:15 am

What is the minimum age to participate in training sessions?

  • The minimum age for group training  is 16-years old.

Is there a contract required to become a member of HeadStrong Sports Performance?

  • Yes, a 3-month commitment is required to participate in the group training sessions. We ask that you give our training at least 90-days to see improvement in your strength, endurance, and physical shape. After the 3-month commitment, memberships automatically convert to a month to month agreement which can be cancelled with a 30-day written notice.





Who can benefit from athlete development coaching?

  • EVERYONE!! Everything you do, every decision you make will either take you one step toward or away from your goals. Athlete development coaching will teach you the skills needed to attack each day with focus and intention so you can make life happen instead of allowing life to happen to you.

What is athlete development coaching?

  • Athlete development coaching is simply a coach-athlete expert relationship. Together, you and your coach will focus on evolving and manifesting your potential. You and your coach form an alliance, which includes accountability and measures for success.

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