What others are saying...

"Laura is a beautiful person, inside and out. She is passionate about her family, her work and life in general. She motivates me!"   - Shelley D.

"Laura has left me feeling empowered. She is true to herself.  She knows what she deserves and is a strong, beautiful woman."   - Emilee N.

"In a nut shell, Laura motivates us to kick butt.  She gives off so much energy and pushes us to our very limits.  The words "I can't" or "that's impossible" will NEVER come out of her.  She helps you set your mind to something and you get it done.  She's awesome."   - Frank and Erica C.

"I am blessed to have met Laura. When I am in her presence she makes me the center of her focus and I will never take that for granted. She allows me to feel accomplished with even the small things, but brings me a challenge for the next opportunity to grow.  She is a true daughter of God; walking and talking the walk."   - Theresa Y.

"Laura is a woman of faith. She is passionate about family, faith and fitness.  She makes me feel valued and determined to keep striving toward greatness."   - Amy S.

"Laura is a hard worker, very determined, extremely friendly and nice, very caring who loves her family!  And she loves fitness!! She shares her fitness journey as a badge of honor, but more importantly as an encouragement to others to better themselves.  And Laura loves the Lord.  She inspires me and I'm glad to know her."   - Trabelus W.

"I feel grateful and feel worthy to have met Laura. She is respectful to all people regardless of differences; determined to see excellence in each profession.  She has a powerful presence, is an aggressive supporter, humble and open-minded.  She is self-aware of personal challenges, is an effective listener, creative thinker, strong in faith and understanding of criticism as means of self-growth"   - Gwendolen W.

"Laura is a devoted, proactive, positive professional; a cheerful person who is passionate about life!"   - Kenya J.

"It's obvious that Laura's passion lies in health, fitness and overall well being.  It's not only about her, she's in it to help others.  The thing I like most about being around her is that I can say and be whatever is on my mind because that is how she is.  She makes it comfortable to be around her."   - Patrick G.